Chisholm, MN drowning, Jun 1908


While Bathing With Several Others He Ventures Into Dangerous Water.

(Range Bureau of the News Tribune.)

CHISHOLM, June 22. - While bathing with a number of other boys in Longyear lake this afternoon, Walter Barak, aged 14, was drowned. The boy in spite of entreaties of his associates, ventured into a treacherous part of the lake where there are known to be deep holes and probable underground springs, and where a number of fatal accidents have occurred. It is supposed that he was taken with cramps. He sank once, then rose and made a despirate effort to reach safety and suddenly went down again and did not come to the surface. The body was rescued within half an hour and hopes were entertained of rescusitating him as it was thought there was slight evidence of life. Physicians worked over him for four hours without success.

The parents of the boy reside at the Myers location and are here to take to body home for burial.

The Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 23 Jun 1908