Detroit, MI Cheboygan Boy Killed in Traffic

Cheboygan, Michigan
January 31, 1924

Peter VIEU, a well known young man of this city, who has been employed in the Fisher Body Works at Detroit for some time, was knocked down and killed by a passing truck while on his way home from work on last Saturday afternoon. The remains were brought to this city and the funeral was held from St. Charles church on Wednesday morning.

The young man is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Adolph VIEU, four brothers, John, Joseph, Napoleon, and Noah, and four sisters, Mrs. Henry LAHAIE, Mrs. E. SIMENOE, Mrs. Isaiah COURTURE and Mrs. Ernest BONESCORE.

The young man was born in Cheboygan 25 years ago and the day he met his death was his birthday.

A surprise birthday party had been arranged for him at his Detroit home and all were waiting for his return from work when a messenger came in and informed the party of what had happened. He stepped off the sidewalk, was knocked down and only lived a short while after.