Alexis, MI Auto And Train Crash, Jul 1912


Toledo, July 29. - Six persons were killed and two fatally injured Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock just south of Alexis, Mich., when a Lake Shore and Michigan Southern train from Detroit due in Toledo at 4:20 o'clock struck an automobile containing nine people.
Two women, a man and three boys were killed outright. Their bodies were horribly mangled.
The automobile belonged to the Cousino family of La Salle, Mich. Both persons at the hospital are unconscious and according to physicians, cannot live. They have been identified as MRS. RUDOLPH COUSINO and LAFAYETTE COUSINO. The woman at the hospital had both legs cut off and the man's head was crushed. A baby, 3 years old was the only occupant of the machine that escaped.

View Of The Track Obscured.
A girl 16 years old who was killed, wore a bracelet on which was engraved the name of EVA NAVARRE. The initials
"R.E.C." appeared on the watch fob of a man killed, and the name of GIDEON COUSINO was found in a small prayer book which was picked up in the wreck of the machine.
The accident happened on a grade crossing. The view of the railroad tracks was obscured by a corn field. The occupants of the machine did not see the train seemingly until they were directly on the track and it was too late.

Lansing State Journal Michigan 1912-07-29