Howell, MI Truck And Van Crash, Feb 1994


Howell, Mich. (AP) - An immigrant family of five and two family friends were killed in a head-on collision involving their van and a tractor-trailer rig.
"I heard a big crash and this truck skidded by in flames," said Susan Neubacher, who lives near the site of the wreck outside Howell.
"There was debris all along the street. Nothing was left of the van but its back end."
All seven people in the van were dead at the scene Sunday, said county Medical Examiner Dr. Beverly Anderson. The driver of the truck wasn't hurt.
The truck's driver and a witness in a car said the van swerved in front of the truck. Authorities didn't know why it swerved or who was driving the van.

The Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1994-02-02