Detroit, MI Fire, May 1848


DETROIT, May 10 – 9 A. M.
Detroit was visited yesterday by the most destructive conflagration, yet known in its history. A fire broke out about half past 11 in the morning, in a large yellow warehouse, between Randolph and Bates streets, between 80 and 100 buildings were lain in ashes, including two or three large warehouses on the river, the Steamboat Hotel, Water's hotel, and a number of private residences on Jefferson Avenue.
The district burnt includes some half dozen blocks. The fire originated from the sparks of the propeller St. Joseph which was lying at the wharf in front of the warehouse.
The total loss by this terrible conflagration we cannot of course form any correct estimate at present.
It is very great. Some estimate it as high as $200,000. The number of families burned out was probably 200, and near 1000 persons were hurried into the street. The fire raged from 11 A. M. to 3 P. M.; several citizens were more or less injured in the general scrabble, and we hear that one person was burned to death, being then intoxicated, asleep near the Bethel street Market.
The large brick block in which the Daily Advertiser Office is located was much damaged, but the materials were principally saved.
The number of dwellings destroyed was 107, besides a large number of other buildings.

Prairie Du Chien Patriot Wisconsin 1848-05-24


Detroit Fire 1848

Detroit, May 11, 7 p. m
We are unable to send reports east of the this city, none having been received from Buffalo. We subjoin more particulars of the late fire The total loss by the destructive element is variously estimated, but we will withhold a further statement until we receive something definite, which we expect to have by to-morrow The area of the ruins covers a fraction over 10 acres of ground; the number of dwellings burned was 107; bridges, shops, and business places of various kinds. We have not been able to gather a complete list of the sufferers. Major Biddle is among the heaviest sufferers, his loss being probably from $25,000 to $30,000 A Wales & Co. from $3,000 to $5,000.
A public meeting was held yesterday at the U. S. Court-House Building, and several thousand dollars was promptly subscribed for the immediate relief of the destitute suffering.

Daily Sentinel And Gazette, Milwaukee, WI 12 May 1848


THE FIRE AT DETROIT.----The fire at Detroit, briefly noticed in our last, proved to be a very disastrous one. It broke out on the 9th, about half past 10, A. M., in a large warehouse.
Between 80 and 120 buildings were destroyed, and one person was burned to death, said to have been intoxicated and asleep. The fire barely spared the brick block in which the Daily Advertiser is published. Wales' Hotel, the Steamboat Hotel and two large warehouses on the river were destroyed. The loss is variously estimated at from 2 to $300,000.
It is supposed that 200 families, or 1000 persons were deprived of houses. A public meeting was held on the 10th and several thousand dollars subscribed for their relief. Buildings were destroyed upon over ten acres of land. The fire is said to have originated from a spark from a propeller.

Racine Advocate, Racine, WI 17 May 1848


The Detroit Advertiser gives a list of one hundred and fifty-eight names of those who suffered losses by the fire of the 9th. Maj. Biddle is among the heaviest sufferers, his loss is estimated at $25,000, insurance $5,700. T. H. Eaton $15,000, insurance $4,050. E. A. Brush $15,000, insurance $6,000.

Hillsdale Whig Standard, Hillsdale, MI 16 May 1848