Deer Park, MI Steamers GEORGE B COLWELL and D B DOBBINS Caught in Storm, Oct 1894

DEER PARK, Mich., Oct. 13.---The steam barge George B. Colwell and her consort, the D. B. Dobbins, were driven ashore here early this morning, and both will probably prove total losses. The crews of both boats were rescued by the lifesaving crews of No. 12 station. Both boats were loading lumber for Cleveland. The storm came up so quickly that neither could get clear of the shore.

The boats rate A2 and are owned by J. F. Farwwll of Detroit. The Colwell was built at Bay City in 1880, registered 490 tons, and was valued at $20,000. The Dobbins was built in 1863 at Cleveland, registered 447 tons, and was valued at $12,500.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Oct 1894