Port Huron, MI (Lake Huron) Tug B. B. JONES Blast, May 1871


Port Huron, Mich. -- While the tug B. B. Jones was lying at the Port Huron and Lake Michigan Railroad dock at noon, on Thursday the 25th, her boiler exploded, making a wreck of the boat and killing eight men.
The Captain, SAM BURCHAM, is unhurt.
The following persons are missing:
THOMAS BLANCHARD, first engineer.
PATRICK McGUIRE and another wheelsman, name not known.
CHARLES and WILLIAM, firemen.
Other names not known.

Grand Traverse Herald Michigan 1871-06-01


The tug "Jones" deaths

Just happened across this while searching for my family in Port Huron.

St. Clair Co., MI Register of deaths:
All died Port Huron
Andrew Rathbur, married, white, mate of tug “Jones”
Patrick McGinn, single, white, mate of tug “Jones”
Delbert ___, single, white, sailor tug “Jones”
Charles Miller, single, white, sailor tug “Jones”
Unknown, unknown, white, sailor tug “Jones”
J. W. Jones, married, colored, cook tug “Jones”
David M___, unknown, white, deck hand tug “Jones”
Unknown, unknown, white, sailor tug “Jones”