Point Aux Barques, MI (Lake Huron) Steamer R. G. COBURN Wreck, Oct 1871


Detroit, Oct. 20.
The arrival of the propeller Brooklyn, of the Northern Transportation Line, yesterday brought intelligence, according to the statement of the captain, that 2 more boats of the lost steamer R. G. Coburn, had been picked up on Lake Huron, containing 18 persons, and they had been transferred by the vessel which had picked them up to the propeller D'Caldwell and were on the way to Mackinaw. This morning the following dispatch was received:

Marine City, Oct. 20.
To Capt. Eber Ward, Detroit:
The following men from the R. G. Coburn have arrived at Mackinaw: L. HAUS, 2d mate; H. M. RHODES, of Windsor, trader; MARTIN MARRINGER and JAMES WARWICK, watchmen; F. MUMFORD, CHAS. MILLER and JAMES LUDNER, colored; R. KELLY, passenger. The news comes by the steamer Magnet.
Signed, L. L. Eutor.

By most persons the inference is drawn from this dispatch that only one boat was picked up in addition to that first found, and that this second boat was left at Mackinaw by the Caldwell the Magnet bringing intelligence to Marine City. The captain of the Brooklyn may easily have confused the boats somewhat, and supposed that two additional boats had been saved, whereas only one was rescued in addition to the first one. Further intelligence is of course awaited with the greatest interest.
The following is a list of the officers of the Coburn:
GILBERT DUMONT, Captain, Detroit.
WM. SIMMONS, First Mate, Detroit.
MR. CARSON, Second Mate, shipped at Buffalo.
W. S. ROBINSON, First Engineer, Marine City.
WM. HUTCHINSON, Second Engineer, Detroit.
E. MAJOR, Clerk, Broomfield, Ontario.
GEO. WESTCOTT, Steward, Marine City.

Wisconsin State Journal Madison 1871-10-21