Lexington, MI (Lake Huron) Propeller GOLIAH Wreck, Oct 1848


The Milwaukee Sentinel says:
We fear that the rumor of the loss of the propeller Goliah is but too true. Capt. Wheeler of the St. Louis tells us that he heard, while stopping to wood, on the St. Clair River, that the cook of the Goliah had got back to Port Huron. This man reported that when off Point aux Barques, on Lake Huron, the Goliah took fire. Knowing that there was powder on board and apprehensive of the result, the cook got into the small boat alone, and pulled off 50 yards or more from the vessel. After a while the flames reached the powder, an explosion followed, and the propeller immediately went down with all on board. The cook states that he remained for some time near the spot, but could discover no fragments near the wreck, nor any person near the water. He then pulled for shore; landed 60 miles from the river, and footed it down to Port Huron. The Goliah had a large cargo of Government stores on board and 75 passengers and crew. Of these the cook is the sole survivor. Among the passengers we hear the names of JOHN TURNER and SELDON McKNIGHT, late of Detroit, and Lieuts. SCHWARTZ, U.S. A., son of Adjutant General Schwartz of Michigan.

Prairie Du Chien Patriot Wisconsin 1848-10-11