Foster City, MI Fire, Sept 1908


Six Lives Lost During the Conflagration----Havoc Is Wrought

MARINETTE, Wis., Sept. 21---A dispatch from Foster City, Mich., reports that place destroyed Sunday by flames driven in from the conflagration. The saw mill, owned by the Morgan interests of Oshkosh, was destroyed, it is reported, together with a large store and thirty dwellings.

The forest fires have broken out afresh in the region and reports of the burning of farm houses and of timber, cut and uncut, are coming from all sides. The fire is now four miles from Marinette, but there is no fear at present of the flames reaching Marinette.

Forest fires are also so close to Niagara, Falthorn Junction and Ingalls, Mich., that everything is packed and trains are ready to carry the people away if a high wind arises.

Calumet, Mich., reports forest fires assuming threatening aspect all over Northern Michigan, and several towns are in danger of destruction.

LaBelle, north of Calumet, is in grave danger. It is surrounded except on the waterside by flames. At Bele DeCris, north of Calumet, a large force is fighting to save the lighthouse and other buildings at the United States ship canal.

It is said that 800,000 feet of standing lumber in the vicinity of Point Abbane burned yesterday and today. Several towns in the iron country are in danger and residents are fleeing to larger towns.

Ashland, Wis., reports the smoke so dense from forest fires that the sun has been hidden all day. Lake Superior is almost surrounded by fires which stretch for hundreds of miles.

The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 22 Sept 1908