Detroit, MI Two Cars Collide, May 1952


Detroit, (UP) -- Three girls and two boys hurrying home to keep their promises of "being in early" were killed in a head-on auto crash about midnight Friday and three others were critically injured.
Their cars, traveling at high speeds, smashed together on an open stretch of highway seven miles west of the city limits, hurtling all but one of the victims from the wreckage.
"He had promised me he would be back at midnight," said HAROLD SPENCE, SR., whose critically injured son, HAROLD, had borrowed the family car to take his friends to a roller skating rink.
SPENCE'S car collided with a convertible in which DARYL LEWIS, 21, Romulus, Mich., and his 16-year-old fiance, BARBARA STEWART of Boston, were hurrying home after attending a drive-in movie. The couple was killed instantly.
Killed in the SPENCE car were ARTHUR MAXWELL, 14, whose mother had forbidden him to go to roller skating rinks, and BARBARA JANE LA BEAU, 15, both of Taylor Township, and LORRAINE SCHWOCHOW, 15, Wyandotte, Mich.
Critically injured and near death were SPENCE, 18; MARVIN CROWLEY, 17, and NANCY SCHWOCHOW, 12, a cousin of one of the dead girls.
The cars collided with such impact that the fender of one car was imbedded in the engine block of the other. Police worked for 10 minutes to extricate LEWIS' body which was pinned between the steering wheel and the seat.
The boys and girls in SPENCE'S car were catapulted from the wreckage. One body hung crazily on a sprung door.
Police could offer no apparent reason for the collision.

Idaho State Jorunal Pocatello 1952-05-18