Negaunee, MI Negaunee Mine Cave-In, Jan 1902


Miners Caught in a Shaft and Entombed.


From Thirteen to Seventeen Men Cut Off From Outside World by the Cave-In

Negaunee, Mich., Jan 8. -- From 13 to 17 men are thought to have lost their lives in an accident at Negaunee mine. The accident was the result of a cave-in at the bottom of the shaft, and had it occurred half an hour sooner about 150 men would have been killed. The names of the dead, so far as known are: WILLIAM WILLIAMS, JOHN SULLIVAN, JOHN PASCOE, JOHN PEARCE and JACOB HUNLALIA. Thus far but two bodies have been taken out, HUNLALIA'S and an Italian, DOMINIC BASO, alive.

Hundreds of men are at the mine eager to help in the work or rescue, but it is thought the other bodies can not be found within 24 hours.
The Negaunee mine is one of the most unlucky properties in the Lake Superior district. Much trouble has resulted in sinking and drifting from surplus water and quicksands. It was at this mine that $1,000,000 was recently expended to sink a shaft to the ledge.

BASO'S story is as follows: “We were sitting around a pump at the bottom of the shaft when, without any warning, thousands of tons of ore came down. I remembered no more until I heard the sound of picks and shovels in the hands of rescuers and their shouts. I was in total darkness and my feelings can not be described. What seemed ages to me were nut minutes. When rescuers found me I was 75 feet from the place where I was sitting, and found myself in a drift. How I got there is a mystery, but it can only be accounted for by the concussion of the wind.”

The Sandusky Star Journal Ohio 1902-01-08


January 1902 mining accident, Nagaunee, Michigan

I was just wondering if there had been a memorial service at one of the churches for the men lost in this mining accident. And if they were able to recall all the names of the men that lost their lives? Also is there a historical marker where this took place?