Boston, MA Schooner JOSEPH H CROMWELL Wreck, Sept 1905


Members of a Fishing Schooner's Crew Lost in a Fog and the Captain Commits Suicide.

Boston, Mass., Sept. 9.---The death of Capt. Isaac Frazier by suicide, and the loss of eight men by going astray in a fog was reported by the remaining members of the crew of the Boston fishing schooner Joseph H. Cromwell, who brought the vessel into port today.

The missing men were lost while out in dories on the Georges banks last Wednesday. The captain jumped overboard and was drowned Friday morning. After searching the ship, the crew examined clothing in the captain's room and in a pocket they found a note addressed to the proprietor of the boarding house, where he had lived in Boston. It read as follows:

"Dear George: I can't get along in this world and I will try the next. Good-bye to you and all my friends. Your friend, "Isaac Frazier."

It is supposed that Frazier brooded over the loss of so many members of his crew until he became temporarily insane.

The State, Columbia, SC 11 Sept 1905


The crew

I believe my great great grandfather may have been one of the 8 members that drowned. Is there any way I could find information about who they were?