Lawrence, MA Tornado, Jul 1890

On Emmet street the wind took a house belonging to MR. EVANS and threw it into the road a complete wreck. MR. EVANS and his wife were in the house at the time and met with no injury.

No. 6 was partly moved from its foundation, the rear of No. 6 was a house occupied by JAMES LYONS and family. On the approach of the storm LYONS rushed into the house, seized the baby from his wife's arms and fled to the street. Both man and child escaped, but the dead body of MRS. LYONS was subsequently taken from the ruins.

Saunders Court near St. Patrick's Church Hall, a wooden structure, was carried fifteen feet from its foundation and a few windows were broken in the parochial residence.

At the foot of Saunder's Court a switch-house in which MICHAEL HIGGINS, the section boss, was standing, was bodily carried away by the wind under the overhead railroad bridge crossing Salem street where HIGGINS fell out and was killed.

The railing on this bridge was taken off as though cut with a knife.

The granite sheds of W. F. JONES, near the bridge was demolished.

The house of WM. CUTLER, the foreman of the Boston & Maine shops, was next demolished. MISS FLOSSIE CUTLER was found in the cellar with a sprained ankle, and MRS. CUTLER was also slightly hurt. Little ELLA CUTLER was crossing the Hall street bridge within a stone's throw of her home, and was buried beneath a pile of lumber and debris. She was taken out dead.

The greatest damage was done in Springfield street. The following is a summary: Springfield street – Nos. 1, 2, 15 and 18 were demolished.

No. 23, occupied by HUGH A. MERRIMAN, was totally wrecked, and MR. MERRIMAN, wife and six children were badly shaken up and bruised.

No. 27 was smashed in, and No. 31 was completely demolished. This house was occupied by JEREMIAH O'CONNELL, who was badly injured. His wife and daughter were taken from the ruins dead.

Nos. 33, 35, 36 and 38 had their fronts stove in. No. 37 was also wrecked.

Nos. 42, 43 and 44 were badly damaged. MARIA QUINN, aged twelve received fatal injuries at No. 46. The following were also badly damaged: Nos. 47, 52 and 53. A woman, MRS. JAMES BRENANN, was severely injured in the head. MRS. FLYNN, the landlady, sustained a fracture of the collar bone.

At No. 100 MRS. CARRIE BAILEY was cut. MRS. FURNSIDE was injured in her house at No. 105.

All the houses on this street were more or less wrecked. On Portland street, CARROLL & CASEY'S lumber yard was wrecked. The gate-keeper at the crossing was badly hurt.

No. 16, occupied by WILLIAM COLLINS, was lifted from its foundations. MRS. COLLINS and her six year old daughter FANNIE were taken out dead. Two more of COLLINS' children were badly hurt.

No. 25, South Union street owned by P. LENA, was lifted from its foundation and shattered.

The house at No. 39 Foster street was demolished. No. 313 Market street was wrecked.