Haverhill, MA Ice on Frozen River Breaks, Dec 1893


Ice In the River at Haverhill Breaks Up While People Are Crossing.

HAVERHILL, Mass., Dec. 28.---Special Telegram---The Merrimac River was the scene this noon of a narrow escape from a frightful accident. More than 100 men, women, and children were on the ice. Since the river had been frozen over the operatives in the Haverhill factories who live in Bradford have walked across the river on the ice, instead of on the railroad when suddenly, without a moment's warning, the ice broke up with a report like a cannon. A dozen or more persons were precipitated into the water, but managed to scramble back on the floating cakes of ice or were rescued by their friends. The people managed to reach the shore in safety by jumping from cake to cake. The ice on the Haverhill side had broken away from the shore for about twenty feet and boards were run out from the shore. When the tide rose this noon this ice swung away from the Bradford side, rose in the middle of the stream, and in a few moments the river, from the railroad to the passenger bridge, was filled with floating cakes.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 29 Dec 1893