Palmer, MA Depot Fire, Apr 1851


The beautiful village at Palmer Depot was visited by a terrible fire on Wednesday night, which laid almost its entire business part in rains. It is supposed that at least $70,000 worth of property was destroyed, including the finest buildings in the place.

The fire broke out at 11½ o'clock at night, in the wooden building owned by Elisha Converse, and occupied by M. C. Manger, as a general dry goods and grocery store. From this building it spread in each direction, involving on the North all the buildings in the row, and on the South, the Palmer Hotel and the Nassowanno House, one of the largest and finest hotels in Western Massachusetts. There was not engine owned in the village, and the wind blew heavily all the time, as it did everywhere. The fire originated near the roof of the store of Mr. Monger, and that gentleman informs us he has not the slightest idea if its cause.

Our impression is that the insurance will approach more nearly the loss on property actually destroyed than the figures would indicate. We trust it will, at any rate. It is a serious blow to a thriving place, but Yankee energy is equal to it, and matters will soon be going ahead again.---Springfield Republican, 18th.

The Boston Daily Atlas, Boston, MA 19 Apr 1851