Lenox, MA Tanglewood Stables Fire, Jul 1908


Save Contents of R. C. Dixey's Costly Stables at Tanglewood.

Special to The New York Times.

LENOX, Mass., July 6.---Fire to-day destroyed the costly stables at Tanglewood, the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Dixey, three miles west of here, and gave the society people of Lenox something exciting to do, for they turned in and assisted in the rescue of horses, harness, and vehicles.

An alarm was telephoned to Lenox from the Dixey place, and the Fire Department was taken down to the blaze in automobiles, the hose carts being drawn by the motors. Help was also summoned from the Hotel Alpinwall, and Manager O. D. Seavey, with chemicals and hose brigade, went to the fire in motor cars.

Flames were shooting out of the stables when the fire was discovered. Charles Astor Bristed, John A. Hadden, Jr., Dr. H. P. Jaques, Newbold Morris, and others assisted in saving property. Miss Eleanor Crosby, Miss Helen Alexander, and David T. Dana assisted in getting out vehicles. Miss Rosamond Dixey and Miss Emily Bacon rolled out baled hay and covered the bales with wet blankets.

The residence was saved by placing wet blankets on the roof and walls.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jul 1908