Greenwich, MA Buggy Accident, Aug 1846

Serious Accident---A Mr. David Lincoln, with his wife and brother, Sylvester Lincoln, of Greenwich, were riding into our village in a buggy, last Wednesday, the forward part of the body holding the dasher gave way, frightening the horse, which ran furiously down the hill, by the brick church; and when at the corner opposite of Mr. Woods House, the individuals were thrown with great violence from the carriage, breaking Mrs. Lincoln's leg just below the knee, and shattering the bones in a most horrid manner. Her husband's thumb was broken, and he was otherwise materially injured. The bones in Mrs. Lincoln's fractured limb protruded through the skin, in several places; and one piece, about an inch in length, was taken out. It is feared that amputation of the limb may be necessary. The buggy was overturned at the same time, and literally smashed to pieces.-----Barre Patriot, 22d.

The Newport Mercury, Newport, RI 29 Aug 1846