Greenfield, MA Train Wreck Apr 1886

GREENFIELD, Mass., April 8.
Two more bodies, the last to be extricated from the ruins, have been identified as C. A. TEMPLE, of Wakefield, Mass., and CHARLES H. DURGIN, of Boston. Two young girls, whose names are unknown, are reported to be among the killed.

MERRITT SEELY, superintendent of the National Express Company, who was injured last night in the accident on the Fitchburg Railroad, died this morning at 6 o'clock. He has a son in Boston and three children in Great Barrington. Brakeman SPENCER was the one whose body was found in the wreck last night with the bodies of two unknown commercial travelers. Engineer LITTLEJOHN is living this morning, but it is doubtful if he lives the day out. Two bodies were brought here this morning by a wrecking train. One was identified as E. E. HAYDEN, agent of the Fisk Manufacturing Company, of Springfield, Mass. His right hand and head are badly burned. The other man was about 65 to 70 years old. His handkerchief born the name “J. R. GOULD, Abington, Conn.” NICHOLAS GARGAN, of Greenfield, agent of the Fleischmann Yeast Company, had his shoulder fractured and was injured internally. W. H. WILCOX, living near Syracuse, N. Y., was injured slightly. C. P. BELL, of Nashua, N. H., was injured about the back and left leg, but not dangerously. He fell into twelve feet of water, battled with the swift current and saved his life by grasping a jagged rock, to which he clung until he gained his breath and then swimming ashore. He says there were several persons in the water below him, but he saw none of them get ashore, and he believes they were drowned. The search for bodies is still progressing. Letters were found at the wreck addressed to J. W. PRIEST, Littleton, N. Y. He was found here this morning, only slightly hurt. Thirty-five passengers and ten train hands were on board. JOHN CROWLEY, of North Adams, was on the train, and is wildly insane. These bodies have been found, and are at Shelburne Falls: VIOLA LITTLEJOHN; O. LITTLEJOHN; R. F. WHITEHOUSE, of Boston; MARK SPENCER, brakeman; CHARLES TEMPLE, a commercial traveler, well known throughout New England. He was a high Mason. The body of MR. WHITEHOUSE was found in the river under a car. There was a terrible gash over the right eye and across the forehead. He was probably stunned and drowned. A body just found at the wreck is believed to be that of Agent WHITEHOUSE, of the New England and Boston line. The body of CHARLES DURKIN, of Boston, has also been recovered.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., April 8.
Eight bodies from the wreck at Bardwell's Ferry have been brought here up to this hour – 10 A. M.

Brooklyn Eagle New York 1886-04-08