Greenfield, MA Train Wreck Apr 1886

The Fitchburg coach was the only one that escaped conflagration. Deputy Sheriff BRYANT, of Greenfield, who was in this car, rescued two children from the flames but one was dead and the other dying. Their parents were on board, but cannot be found. Some of the injured and dead were taken to Shellburne Falls and some of the wounded to Greenfield.

C. P. BELL, of Nashua, N. H., was cut slightly on the head and leg, but was not seriously hurt. He was thrown head foremost into the river and went to the bottom barely escaping drownding[sic].

Conductor FOSTER is reported safe and but slightly injured.

D. C. WELLS of Andover had his shoulder hurt and his head cut. The car in which he was riding was broken in two and stood on end within a few feet of the river bank.

NICHOLAS DORGAN, of Greenfield, had his left arm and ankle broken and was seriously injured internally. A little girl who was a passenger on the train died in his arms from injuries received.

J. E. PRIEST, of Littleton, N. H., had his face and head cut.

Engineer LITTLEJOHN, of North Adams, was badly scalded, it is believed fatally.

A. K. WARNER, chairman of the Greenfield board of selectmen, was badly hurt, but his injuries are not fatal.

Great excitement prevails all along the road between here and North Adams.

Being interviewed by wire to-night at Shellburne Falls, Conductor FOSTER, said: “I am unable to state how many were on the train. Only three men have thus far been found who escaped injury, and they place the number of passengers all the way from 25 to 100.”
No doubt half a dozen were killed outright while falling, and as many more fatally injured. The west bound express was delayed at Greenfield and West Deerfield two hours while the relief train, with surgeons and their assistants, was sent out on its time. The locomotive is a complete wreck but remains on the track, while the tender is down the bank.

The following persons were taken to Shelburne Falls more or less injured:
H. G. LITTLEJOHN, brother of the engineer, with wife and child, both of whom have since died.
A. C. HARVEY, of Boston, badly hurt.
A. R. WARNER, of Greenfield.
H. COULLARD, of Charlement.
E. W. DUNNELLS, of Waltham.
H. G. LITTLEJOHUETE, with his wife and two children, both of whom have since died.
A MISS CORNELL is badly hurt, as it Mail Agent PUTNEY.
A. M. WATERHOUSE is missing.

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