Lynn, MA Fire, Nov 1889


250 Buildings on Fire and the Fire Apparently Only Just Begun.

A fire which promises to equal the great Chicago fire in its comparative extent broke out in Lynn, Mass., at 11:55, Tuesday morning. The fire started in the engine room of Mower Brothers, on Almont street. In fifteen minutes the fire was beyond control of the local fire department and spread rapidly to Central Square, Central Avenue and Munroe street. Before 1 o'clock the three daily newspaper offices were a mass of flames. Soon after all telegraph and telephone connection was cut off. The fire was spreading in every direction and threat- to wipe out a large portion of the city. At 1 o'clock assistance was sent from Boston and Salem.

A special dispatch says that at 4 o'clock 250 buildings were burning and the fire had apparently only commenced. It was spreading toward Revere. Telephone and Telegraph offices, Eastern Railroad depot and a large portion of the business part of the city was consumed.

New Hampshire Sentinel, Keene, NH 27 Nov 1889

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