Boston, MA The Great Fire, Nov 1872

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The Great Boston Fire of 1872 was Boston's largest urban fire, and still ranks as one of the most costly fire-related property losses in American history. The conflagration began at 7:20 p.m. on November 9, 1872, in the basement of a commercial warehouse at 83-87 Summer Street in Boston, Massachusetts. The fire was finally contained 12 hours later, after it had consumed about 65 acres (26 ha) of Boston's downtown, 776 buildings and much of the financial district, and caused $73.5 million in damage. At least 30 people are known to have died in the fire.



Boston, Mass., November 9, 1872.

Sixty-five acres, including the most substantial business portion of the city, destroyed. Loss $75,000,000.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 8 Feb 1904


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Boston Fire

On this day ...in 1872, a monstrous fire nearly destroyed Boston's business district, ravaging the city from the Common to the waterfront. Beginning in a dry goods store, the blaze burned for 15 hours with a heat so intense that it created its own roaring wind. Flames spread relentlessly from one wooden roof to the next, melting whole blocks of granite stores and warehouses into superheated rubble. Firefighters from dozens of towns fought the blaze, but they lacked enough water pressure to halt the inferno. Finally, officials resorted to blowing up buildings to keep the fire from spreading to residential areas. The blaze reduced 65 acres of commercial property - almost 1,000 businesses - to ruins. Within two years, a new city would arise from the ashes.

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