Boston, MA The Great Fire, Nov 1872

Great Fire at Boston by Haskell Allen.jpg Great_boston_fire_downtown,photo_from_wikipedia.org_.jpg 1872_PearlSt_BroadSt_Boston_byJWBlack_Getty.jpg

Terrible Conflagration!


Heart of the City Destroyed!

LOSS $200,000,000!

Human Life Lost!


Relief Sent from Other Cities!

Greatest Calamity known in New England!

Boston, Nov. 9. A fearful fire broke out here about 9 o'clock this evening, at the corner of Summer and Kingston streets, and spread with frightful rapidity, fanned by a gale of wind, down through Otis, Congress, Pearl, Broad and Commercial streets, burning all the largest and most prominent buildings on Franklin, Milk, Water and other streets, towards State street and the custom house.


Sunday, 2 A.M. Fire still raging with unabated fury. Hartford & Erie depot has gone and the fire prevailing from water edge up to Federal and Devonshire streets, and threatening Washington street, burning everything perishable. The engineers are preparing to blow up the whole square of buildings on the west and south side of State and Washington streets, to save those streets and check the fire. A living gale of wind is blowing, increasing the horrors and confusion of the terrible scene.

The fire departments of Salem, Lynn, Newburyport and Portsmouth have been called for and will probably reach here over the Eastern Railroad in season to be of service. Other aid is also at hand from neighboring cities.