Lowell, MA Fire, Nov 1868

Large Fire and Loss of Life in Lowell, Mass.

LOWELL, Mass., Saturday, Nov. 21. A fire at Nos. 96 and 98 Merrimack-street, this morning, badly damaged the building, which is owned by JOHN NESMITH; destroyed S. R. FLETCHER'S bonnet bleachery, and damaged the boot and shoe stock of ELDRIDGE DEARBORN. The loss is $3,000 or $4,000. The property was partially insured. Three persons, who lodged in the upper stories, were suffocated, but not burned. Their names are MICHAEL B. GAFFNEY, aged 20 years, a temporary lodger; SYRIL SHACKNORD, aged 15, recently from Ellsworth, Me.; and a stranger, supposed to be GEORGE MANARY, a jeweler, recently from Boston.

The New York Times, New York, NY 22 Nov 1868


Death of Sybil Shackford in Lowell fire

The young lady who died in this fire was Sybil Shackford. Working on an article about her and am thankful you transcribed this article which I found by searching Lowell fires 1868. Thanks for transribing this article as I was able to learn more about the fire that killed her.