Marlborough, MA Drowning, Jul 1837

July 4th, 1837. The first person drowned in Marlborough Pond. Steven Martin How, aged 14 years. Int he evening, with several of his youthful companions, when out in a small boat for amusement, taking with them a musket. The gun being heavily loaded, young Howe discharged it; his companions turned round, and he was gone.

Record of Remarkable Events in Marlborough and Vicinity, 1879, page 11


Afflicting Death. -- On the evening of the the [sic] anniversary of our national Independence, Mrs. Howe, the widow of her second husband, Stephen How, of Marlborough, lost an [illegible] and promising son, aged about 12 years, and with a lately married daughter, were two survivers [sic] of several children. To close that commemoration of the anniversary, this sea [sic] other youths went on the pond in that town, Gate's Tavern, to fire guns. In firing it seems, it rebounded so as to throw him upwards from the boat, and he was drowned. The particulars are not obtainable; for the boys, as they relate them, seem to have been in a fright. They were impressed at the [illegible] that waster was rushing into the boat, and hastened with all their power to the shore, less the boat should sink before they reached it; [illegible] they rendered their companion no assistance [illegible] they even hesitate to say that anyone was known to be overboard. The inhabitants dragged the pond Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until [illegible] o'clock in the morning, when the body was discovered floating near them. -- Boston Advocate

The Sun, Baltimore, MD 14 Jul 1837