Greenfield, MA Fires 1890-1900

March 7, 1897. Sheldon and Newcomb's powder house, near the Smead bridge was burned.

July 16, 1897. A slight fire at the house of C. F. Schuster.

September 19, 1897. The most severe fire which has occurred for several years in this village was that in the Warner and the Botsford blocks. It began in the rear of White's drug store. The loss on the Botsford block was estimated at $5,000 and in the Warner block at $2,000. H. L. White & Co., drugs, loss $5,000, insured $3,000; William Carney, tailor, loss, $1,200, insurance $800 ; J. E. N. Mitchell, tenant, loss $1,000, no insurance ; W. J. Slattery, barber shop, loss $300, insured ; Dr. R. A. Richards, dentist, loss $200, insurance, $350. Mrs. Botsford and Mrs. Warner were fully insured.

November 20, 1897. The Warner Manufacturing Company buildings burned. Loss $25,000. Insured $16,000.

December 10, 1897. Fire- in the rear basement of the Franklin House. Eight valuable dogs were suffocated. Mr. Mead the occupant of the house was fully insured. Loss on building estimated at $2,500. Insured for $3,500.

July 4, 1898. The barn of Mrs. Colle was burned.

July 26, 1898. A small barn near the entrance to the Fair grounds burned.

October 10, 1898. A house at the corner of Garfield and Davis streets, being fitted up for a private hospital by Dr. W. H. Pierce, was gutted by fire.

October 17, 1898. A barn containing sixty tons of hay belonging to Joseph P. Felton, situate upon the "Maxwell farm," was burned by incendiary fire. Herbert D. Smith was arrested and confessed that he set the fire.

October 21, 1898. The barn of Damon L. Fay, on the Bernardston road, and all its contents destroyed by fire. Loss $5,000. Insured, barn $1,500, contents $2,500.

October 23, 1898. The contents of a large silo upon the Lowe farm in the meadows broke out into fire, and was only put out after a fight of eighteen hours, and the removal of a large portion of the sixty tons of fodder, which was a total loss. The Turners Falls Fire Department aided, and about 125 men worked nearly all night to save the buildings, which they succeeded in doing.

January 13, 1899. A fire broke out in the old High school building on Pleasant street. It caught near the chimney on ,the first floor, and was extinguished without great damage to the premises.

February 2. There was a slight fire in the house of H. D. Packard.

February 8. Elizabeth Fleming, a servant in the family of Marvin S. Fellows, lost her life by being burned in an attempt to light a fire in the kitchen range by using kerosene oil. The damage to the house and its contents was small.

November 14. A fire broke out in a house owned by Martin Sauter at the corner of Hope and Russell streets, and the ell was badly damaged. Thomas Moore, aged about sixty, an inmate of the house, apparently becoming bewildered by the smoke, fell into a closet and was smothered. Building insured for $800. Mrs. Powers, tenant, lost 100 not insured.

June 26, 1900. House on Washington street just north of the Green river schoolhouse injured by fire. It was owned by George Pond and the loss was about $300.

History of Greenfield : shire town of Franklin County, Massachusetts, Greenfield, Mass.: 1904