Greenfield, MA Fires 1890-1900

March 23, 1890. The tobacco barn of P. D. Martindale burned. Insurance $1,200.

February 6, 1891. The old George W. Mark house occupied by Hersey & Co. as a tin and plumber's shop was burned. Insurance on building $1,500, and on stock the same.

March 30, 1892. The–house of A. W. Powling near the Bernardston line was burned. Insured $500.

April 12, 1892. A small house on the Bernardston road, belonging to Damon L. Fay was burned.

January 27, 1893. A fire at the Dudley box shop.

February 6, 1893. House of Dennis Whellehan burned. Anne, his daughter seven years old, was smothered in the building.

March 7, 1893. W. S. Clark's store in American House block burned out. Damage mostly caused by smoke, and was settled as follows : White Bros., dry goods, $2,600 ; W. S. Clark, hardware, $650; American House, $480 ; Harry Richardson, jewelry, $250 ; Van Doorn & Co., crockery, $200.

July 11, 1893. Fire in Mrs. Joel Wilson's building, Main street, occupied by A. G. Miner. Insurance paid $300.

February 25, 1894. The house of Mrs. John Sheehan near Russell's factory was burned. She was insured.

June 8, 1894. A portable sawmill standing on land of F. S. Kelly burned. Loss, $900.

July 3, 1894. J. P. Felton's slaughter house burned. Incendiary.

August 19, 1894. House of Albert Eggleston, High street burned. Insured $1,400.

February 13, 1895. The building standing where the Masonic building now does, was nearly destroyed by fire. The building was old and was moved to that lot when Dr. A. C. Deane built his home. O. A. Blaisdell, baker, was insured $1,000, and settled on private terms. The owners of the block, F. R. Allen, J. W. Stevens and E. A. Hall, had $6,000 insurance and received $1,700 ; W. L. Daniels a tenant ; insured $175.

April 12, 1895. The house of Michael Morin, James and Russell streets, burned. Damage $500.

September 23, 1895. Henry Johnson's house, Shelburne road, burned. Insured $1, 500.

November 9, 1895. A small barn belonging to Dr. A. C. Deane damaged and 20 tons of hay burned. Insured for $200.

December 19. This barn was set on fire again and entirely burned.

December 17, 1895. John Hafner's barn and shoemaker's shop (Cheapside) were burned.

January 22, 1896. The house of George W. Burnett on Petty's Plain burned.

February 23, 1896. The house of Charles H. Williams on Bernardston road was burned. Insured $600.

May 5, 1896. Fire in the basement of J. E. Lamb's barn.

July 5, 1896. The house and bakery of William W. Smith, at the corner of Davis and Pond streets, was burned. Insurance on bakery and furniture $800 ; on buildings $1,700.

October 3, 1896. John Fitzgerald's house, west of Green river, was burned. Insurance on buildings $525 ; furniture, 100.