Greenfield, MA Fires 1880-1889

March 23, 1880. James Collins house, corner of Russell and Hope streets. Loss $4,000. Insurance $2,100.

September 21, 1880. The high wooden bridge over the Deerfield at Cheapside, on the Connecticut River Railroad, was burned.

November 27, 1881. John Kennedy's barn on Elm street burned. Loss $1,200.

December 12. The barn on the old Wheeler place, owned by H. G. Woodard, burned. Loss $4,000. Insurance $1,400.

December 14. James Newton's barn burned. Loss $5,000. Insurance $2,338.

December 18. Serious fire at the Cutler shoe shop. Mr. Cutler's loss estimated at $12,000. Insurance $9,450. Settled for $6,109.44. H. W. Warner, owner of the building, claimed a loss of $3,200. Insurance $1,500. Settled for $1,440.

April 16, 1882. Two unoccupied buildings belonging to the Wiley & Russell Co. were burned ; one a wooden building about 100 feet long and the other a brick building twenty-five by seventy-five. These set on fire the house of Mrs. Michael Doherty, which was occupied by three families, on the east side of the street, and then spread to the house of Louis Haiges, occupied by himself and a tenant, and to a house of P. M. Fitzgerald, in which lived three families. All the buildings were ruined. The Wiley & Russell Co. had $700 insurance, Haiges $2,300, on house and contents, and Fitzgerald $500. The houses were over the line in Deerfield, but the Greenfield Fire Department was in attendance.

May 6, 1883. Fire in the Union Block, the building only being saved after a stubborn fight. Insurance was paid as follows : R. W. Thompson & Co., dry goods, $14,000 ; M. R. Pierce & Co., plumbers, $3,000 ; Taylor estate, owners of building, $5,000 ; Williams & Malone, attorneys, $1,150 ; Wm. C. Bryant, merchant tailor, $1,000.

March 5, 1885. S. L. Wiley's private greenhouse burned.

April 6, 1885. The extensive dry goods store of R. W. Thompson & Co., in the Taylor block, lost all its stock by fire and water. In May, 1883, the same store was burned out, at which time the building was completely gutted. This time the store building was not badly damaged. Thompson & Co. had $15,000 insurance.

June 25, 1885. Alexander W. Green's furniture store burned out. He received $1,700 insurance, and Geo. A. Arms, for damage to building, $825.

September 2. The barn of James Butler on the old Colonel Samuel Wells place burned. Insurance $2,000.

December 29, 1885. The shop of C. M. Boutwell, Davis street, burned. Loss $1,500. Insurance $1,200.

February 6, 1887. The house of Mary Kinnevan on Elm street was wholly consumed by fire. She had $900 insurance on the house and $200 on her furniture.

February 27. A fire in James Collins's barn burned a ton of hay and two pigs.

March 24, 1887. The old Tool Factory, two hundred feet by twenty-five, was totally destroyed by fire. It was owned by the H. D. Watson Publishing Co. and occupied by Gorham D. Williams as a cutlery and plane factory. Mr. Watson estimates the loss on the buildings at $13,000. Insured for $7,000 on shop and $1,050 on machinery.

February 28, 1888. The engine house and the wooden portion of the old Tool Company buildings were destroyed by fire. Kelly & Donovan, manufacturing cutlery, lost all they had, with no insurance. H. D. Watson & Co., owners of the buildings, recovered $10,800, and T. Morey & Son, printers, $1,300, from the insurance companies.

November 2, 1888. All the buildings upon the Deacon Stickney place in the meadows, excepting the tobacco barn, were burned. James Doyle, the owner, loses..$4,500. Insured $2,800.

June 22, 1889. The house of Charles J. Osgood, at the four corners, was burned. Insurance, $800.
July 7. Fort Stocking burned. It was owned by H. H. Fletcher.

August 28, 1889. The sheds at Manley McClure's brickyard burned. Loss $750.

November 6. A barn on the south Shelburne road, in which Sarah White lived, and belonging to James Newton, was burned.

History of Greenfield : shire town of Franklin County, Massachusetts, Greenfield, Mass.: 1904