Greenfield, MA Fires 1870-1879

February 14. Potter & Nash's building, stable of Franklin House, A. A. Rankin's marble shop, W. H. Seaman's silver plating shop, L. H. Sawtell's restaurant, Samuel Hitchcock's barber shop and Mrs. William Pierce's tenament, burned.
Losses. Insurance.
Potter & Nash, $9,300, $5,000
M. P. Bascom, 1,000, 600,
. R. R. Howison, 8,000, 4,000
Henry Barnard, 4,000, 3,000
L. H. Sawtell, 200, none
H. R. Stratton, 250, none
A. A. Rankin, 1,000, none
W. H. Seaman, 1,500, 1,000
La.Chapelle & Belair, 1,000, 700

February 26. Barn of Mary B. Coombs burned. Loss $800. Insurance $300.

May 23. Quinn house, Devens street, burned. Loss $300.

June 4. Reuben Winn's house, Nash mill road, burned. Insurance $1,000.

July 26. A small fire in the ell of the Mansion House. Loss $200.

September 27. The extensive barns of John Thayer in the meadows all burned. Loss estimated at $6,000. Insurance $1,250.

November 6. Fire Department called out by the burning of the Keith paper mills at Turners Falls. Loss $400,000. Insurance $265,000.

November 8. R. M. Snow's greenhouse on High street burned. His loss $400. No insurance.

August 3, 1878. The barn on the S. B. Root place, Main street, was totally consumed by fire. There was an insurance of $400.

September 11. A house belonging to Mary Corless, west of Green river, was burned. Rev. J. Muller, the occupant, lost a valuable library valued at $1,500. Insurance $1,000 on building.

October 8. House belonging to George B. Sheldon at Cheapside burned. Insurance $900.

February 7, 1879. Dr. C. C. Haskell's house on Davis street burned. Loss $5,000. Insurance $3,500.

February 25. John Osborn's house, Cheapside, burned. Loss $800. Insurance $500.

History of Greenfield : shire town of Franklin County, Massachusetts, Greenfield, Mass.: 1904