Woburn, MA Foucar Leather Plant Explosion, Sept 1912


Three Men Die as Result of Flaming Naphtha

Woburn, Mass., Sept. 13. – Drenched with flaming naphtha, suffering burns from which he later died, Joseph I. Peters, forgetting his danger, ran to the assistance of his fellow laborer, Homer W. Danforth, who was frantically endeavoring to extinguish the fire that was burning his clothing and body.

Enoch H. Curtis, another victim of a mysterious explosion at the Foucar leather plant, ran, an animated torch, fifty feet before he fell, overcome. All three are dead.
Danforth and Peters had formed a partnership to engage in the patent leather business in North Woburn.

Mr. Curtis, an expert boiler, who was employed by another firm in the city, was helping the new firm, showing them the process.

Fitchburg Daily Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 13 Sept 1912