Pittsfield, MA Housatonic River Drowning, May 1927


Andrew de Giorgis Slips from Sewer Pipe While Trying to Cross Housatonic River on It.

Pittsfield, May 22.—Andrew de Giorgis, 42, of 3 Naples avenue, was drowned in the east branch of the Housatonic river near the Newell-street bridge early this morning. The police have evidence that he had attended a party where drinks were served and fell from the cement covering of a sewer pipe which crosses the river at that point. According to the story told the police by Angelo Pianello, 45, of 541 East street they wen to the house of Antonio Cochetto on Pembroke avenue at 10:30 last night. They drank much liquor before the party broke up at 12:30.

On the way home Pianello suggested they walk over the sewer pipe. Giorgia started first and Pianello stayed behind waiting for de Giorgil to get across. When Pianello found that his friend had disappeared in the river he gave the alarm and Officers Camille L. Marcel and Peter O. Ano went to the river. Officer Ano with grappling irons soon found the body 200 feet from the crossing. It had been in the water about an hour.

Dr. Henry Colt, medical examiner, viewed the body and it was removed to James J. Devanny’s undertaking parlors. Capt John H. Hines conducted the investigation last night and it was taken up again today by Inspector Daniel J. McColgan of the detective bureau. Mr. McColgan said there was no evidence of foul play. De Giorgis had only a penny in his pockets, in one of which was also was a large butcher knife. He was born in Italy, had lived in this country 17 years and three years in Pittsfield, being employed in the General Electric company building department. nearest relatives in Pittsfield are two cousins, Vergino de Giorgis of 541 East street and Enrico de Giorgis of 520 East street. Pianello was arrested on a charge of drunkenness. He had a roll of $333.50.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 23 May 1927