Boston, MA Steamer Crew Members Killed, Nov 1928


Boston, Mass., Nov. 26. -- (AP) -- Harry Wolfberg, a seaman n the steamer F. J. Luckenbach, one of whose jobs it is to awaken sleeping members of the crew each morning, went about his task today to find only three men aboard, all dead in their bunks. Investigation disclosed they had died from the effects of fumigating gas which had not been cleared entirely from the ship.
The dead were:
WALTER S. DeMARCUS, 38, an assistant engineer.
ANGEL BASS, 34, ship's carpenter.
F. MONTEDIAVO, 42, boatswain.
All were from New York City.
The ship had been in port about two weeks undergoing repairs. It was fumigated late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. It was opened yesterday afternoon and it was believed that the three men boarded her and retired before the ship was free of gas fumes.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1928-11-27