Greenfield, MA Fell From Icy Roof, Jan 1900




Mrs. Luke M. Thornton met with an accident yesterday morning while shaking a rug from the roof of a piazza at her home on Chapman Street and died from the injuries at 6 o'clock last evening. The roof was icy which caused her to lose her footing and fall face down, to the frozen ground, a distance of 15 or 20 feet.

She was unconscious when picked up, and did not regain consciousness. Her skull was fractured, jaw broken on both sides, head badly hurt, aside from the fractured skull, and her body terribly shaken by the fall. She stepped on the roof of the piazza, as usual to shake her rugs, probably unaware that she incurred any danger in so doing. As the roof, which is slightly sloping, was icy, she lost her balance in leaving forward, as the marks on the roof show. She was carried into the house, and Dr. G. P Twichett [?] summoned. Her husband, who is employed as engineer at the electric light station, was carried home in a team which was hastily pressed into service for that purpose. Everything was done to make her comfortable, but her injuries were so severe that recovery was out of the question. Mrs. Thornton was [illegible] of Eve [?], the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wright Allen of Northfield. Her mother went to Greenfield in response to a telephone message, and word was sent to her sister Mrs. Charles Chickering of Leverett. Another sister, Miss Hattie Arlen, lives in Greenfield, and went at once to care for her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Thornton, who have [illegible] children, lived at Orange before moving to Greenfield.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 26 Jan 1900