Boston, MA Tavern Gas Explosion, Dec 1956


Boston (AP) -- An explosion today obliterated Doherty's Tavern, near the Boston naval shipyard in Charlestown, and sent six nearby residents to a hospital with injuries.
The injuried were sleeping in their homes when the closed tavern was wrecked.
Police said they believed escaping gas was responsible for the blast that left nearby streets littered with glass of broken windows.
Some of the debris was thrown hundreds of yards onto an overhead highway that links Charlestown with the city proper.
When firefighters arrived they had nothing to do but spray splintered, smoldering lumber which rested between two dwellings. The tavern was a one-story brick structure.
On the injured list at Massachusetts General Hospital were two women, three infants and a young girl.
The most seriously wounded was 2-year-old LINDSAY COLBY, who suffered deep cuts around the left eye when her crib was showered with glass from shattered windows.
Witnesses said the blast "completely disintegrated" the one-story brick building. The explosion blew out the front and back walls of the tavern and the rest of the building collapsed in a cloud of brick and plaster dust.
Several ambulances remained at the scene while police made a tenement to tenement check for any injured.

Chester Times Pennsylvania 1956-12-04