Boston, MA Terrible Train Wreck At Bussey Bridge, Mar 1887

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W. W. CRECKLES, Central Station.
Sergeant HANLEY of Division 9.
CHARLES SCOTT, clerk of Gerrish & O'Brien, seriously injured.
CHARLES MAY, Roslindale.
J. W. HODGKINS, West Roxbury, slightly injured.
MARY F. YOUNG, 105 East Union Park St., Boston, arm badly cut.
CHARLES B. CUTLER, Dedham, back badly injured.
ROWELL HARDY, Dedham, slightly injured.
FRANK SPEAR, Spring Street Station, head injured.
Conductor STUBBS, Dedham, slightly injured in the head.
HENRY P. EARNSHAW, Spring Street Station, head seriously injured, internal injuries.
MISS ALICE PAGE, Dedham, slight injuries to head.
C. A. MORSE, Central Station, spine injured.
OTTO MUELLER, Salem St., Roslindale, badly injured .
MISS BECKER, stepdaughter of MUELLER, ankle sprained.
WALTER WHITTEMORE, Florence St., Roslindale, head badly bruised and hand crushed.
MISS ALICE ADAMS, Kittrage St., Roslindale, badly injured, possibly fatally.
CHARLES WEEKS, Roslindale, injured about head and arms.
BENJAMIN W. DUNHAM, Roslindale, slightly injured.
EDWARD W. REED, Roslindale, slightly injured.
FRANK GIBBONS, West Roxbury, slightly injured.
JAMES RYAN, Skinner Hill, Roslindale, badly injured.
_____ WARNER, Conway St., Skinner Hill, probably fatally injured.
_____ THOMPKINS, Skinner Hill, badly injured.
MR. HORMISDAS CARDINAL, Washington St., scalp wounds, contusion of chest and hips.
JOHN MURPHY, Roslindale, very badly injured, possibly fatally.
ARTHUR CUTLER, Dedham, ribs broken and face injured.
JOSEPH A. METCALF, two ribs broken.
HENRY CARDWELL, scalp wounds.
EDWARD PACKER, Roslindale, injured severely.
GEORGE F. WALDRON, Roslindale, badly injured.
C. W. HAWKINS, Roslindale, internal injuries.
O. S. HAMMOND, Roslindale, fractured right arm.
CHARLES N. SCHRANO, Roslindale, cut on forehead five inches long.
WILLIAM JORDAN, Roslindale, bookkeeper, Washington St., badly bruised.
GEORGE A. LORD, Roslindale, fractured ankle, collar bone injured, internal injuries, bad condition.
WILLIAM F. BOWMAN, 57 years, Dedham, fractured thigh.
JOHN H. DRAYTON, 63 years, Dedham, compound fracture of right arm.
EDWARD CHAPIN, 33 years, Dedham, ankle injured.
SADIE DOWE, Roslindale, injury to hip.
C. W. DOE, Corinth St., Roslindale, back injured.
CANUIE SUTRUPP, Roslindale, scalp wound, contusions of face, back and arms.
CYRUS W. HAYES, breast injured, shoulder crushed, probably fatal.
ROBERT TABRAHAM, Roslindale, internally injured.
WILLIAM HUMPHREY, Dedham, internally injured.
Conductor BROWN, Sharon, legs broken.
EDWARD B. MORSE, Roslindale, three ribs fractured and other injuries.
L. B. CLIFFORD, Roslindale, scalp wounds.
CHARLES COUTHLEY, Roslindale, wrist injured and other wounds.
AUGUSTINE DRISKO, 40 years, West Rosbury, thigh fractured and head injured.
NELLIE TABRAHAM, badly hurt back and face.
W. K. YOUNG, Roslindale, seriously injured.
W. O. HODGEDEN Central Station, internal injuries.
EDWARD RICHARDS, Central Station, slightly injured.
GEORGE H. RICHARDS, Central Station, injuries to head and leg.
WILLIAM WASSON, Central Station, badly hurt.


Bussey Bridge

My gg grandfather was also in the accident. There are a couple of interviews with him while still on the scene. He was injured but was fortunate to be in one of the back cars and found a way out. I would love to share what I have and see what info you have compiled as well!

-Bonnie Richardson

Waldo Lailer

Mr. Harlow
I am currently researching the Bussey Bridge accident for a future publication and am interested in any information you might have on Waldo Lailer. I would be more than happy to provide you with the information i have already obtained on him.
Any information you would be willing to give me would be greatly appreciated.
Jeremy Fraine

My Gr. Grandfather died in the wreck

Thank you for the newspaper coverage of the Bussey Bridge Train Wreck. My Grandmother's father Waldo Booth Lailer, a policeman at the time, evidently on his way to work, died in the wreck. I have a picture taken at the scene which has been handed down in the family it is about an 8x10 and mounted on a card. My Grandmother, Harriet Louisa Lailer and her brother William Fessenden Lailer (Uncle Bill) were young children at the time and I have a picture of them together as well. Waldo was from Maine, and he and some brothers, Orlando Lailer was one, moved to the Boston area to join the police department.
David Wood Harlow
Wagoner, Oklahoma