Boston, MA Terrible Train Wreck At Bussey Bridge, Mar 1887

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An officer saw the head of a woman pulled out, and by breaking the woodwork of a car with heels, stones and anything they could lay theirhands on, in the absence of axes or other implements, the workers finally succeeded in pulling out the body. In another instance the body of a woman was pulled out of the wreck minus one arm. Further investigation resulted in finding the missing limb. He also saw the body of a man pulled minus both legs, and further search resulted in the discovery of the legs. It seemed as if these members had been absolutely pulled from the body. Many scenes similar to those described above might be pictured. The wreck was horrible in the extreme, and one of the very worst in the annals of railroading. As fast as the victims were brought out they were lifted tenderly into conveyances and carried to the Roslindale and Forest Hills stations -- most of the dead to the latter place. Those who lived in Roslindale and who were able to walk climbed painfully up the embankment, through mud and ice, on to the track and took up their march for home, and this corps of bleeding and maimed men, tramping wearily into the town, was about the first positive information the people of that place had of the extent of the disaster.

Names of The Dead.
The Following List is Supposed to Include Those Killed Outright.
Following is the latest revised list of killed and wounded, but it probably contains inaccuracies:
Conductor MYRON TILDEN, Dedham.
MISS LIZZIE WALTON, aged 19, Dedham.
EDWARD E. NORRIS, freight clerk, Dedham.
MRS. KENNARD, Roslindale.
Patrolman WALDO B. LAILLIER of Division 13, West Roxbury.
WILLIAM S. STRONG, of Boston, internally injured, died in the accident rooms of the city hospital.
WILLIAM EDWARD DURHAM, of Roslindale, died at the city hospital.
MISS LIZZIE H. PRICE, of Brookline, body badly mutilated, identified by her father at the city morgue.
ALICE BURNETT, 16 years, of Roslindale.
WEBSTER CLAPP, of Central Station, West Roxbury.
MRS. CORNELL, of Washington St., Roslindale.
EDGAR M. SNOW, West Roxbury.
WILLIAM JOHNSON, violinist, Roslindale.
Brakeman W. W. SMITH, West Roxbury.
JAMES GATES, Roslindale, died in ambulance enroute to the city hospital.
STEPHEN HOUGHTON, gasfitter, Roslindale.
WILLIAM M. SNOW, West Roxbury.
H. F. JOHNSTON, Boston.
HARRY GAY, Centre St., Boston.
HENRY STONE, West Roxbury.
MRS. SARAH E. ELLIS, Medfield, identified in the morgue.

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Bussey Bridge

My gg grandfather was also in the accident. There are a couple of interviews with him while still on the scene. He was injured but was fortunate to be in one of the back cars and found a way out. I would love to share what I have and see what info you have compiled as well!

-Bonnie Richardson

Waldo Lailer

Mr. Harlow
I am currently researching the Bussey Bridge accident for a future publication and am interested in any information you might have on Waldo Lailer. I would be more than happy to provide you with the information i have already obtained on him.
Any information you would be willing to give me would be greatly appreciated.
Jeremy Fraine

My Gr. Grandfather died in the wreck

Thank you for the newspaper coverage of the Bussey Bridge Train Wreck. My Grandmother's father Waldo Booth Lailer, a policeman at the time, evidently on his way to work, died in the wreck. I have a picture taken at the scene which has been handed down in the family it is about an 8x10 and mounted on a card. My Grandmother, Harriet Louisa Lailer and her brother William Fessenden Lailer (Uncle Bill) were young children at the time and I have a picture of them together as well. Waldo was from Maine, and he and some brothers, Orlando Lailer was one, moved to the Boston area to join the police department.
David Wood Harlow
Wagoner, Oklahoma