Boston, MA Auto Wreck, Jun 1907



Mrs. George J. Jeffrey of Main Street Gets Word That Her Husband Was killed by an Automobile in Boston Yesterday.

Mrs. George J. Jeffrey of 401 Main street received a telephone message from Boston yesterday afternoon that her husband had been killed there in the afternoon in an automobile accident. He was alighting from a car when an automobile came along and ran him down. The message evidently came from the Massachusetts general hospital, and the papers and the jewelry on the body would lead to the belief that Mr. Jeffrey was the man. The description of him does not agree with Mr. Jeffrey’s appearance, however, and last night Mrs. Jeffrey was not sure whether Mr. Jeffrey had been killed, or whether someone of the same name had been mistaken for him. He was a man 61 years old, and left Springfield, although he had not lived there long. He was born in Scotland and came to this country when nine years old. He was educated at a private school at Worcester, and had since been in the army service.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 21 Jun 1907