Hudson, MA Fire, Jul 1894


It Causes a Half-Million Dollar Fire in Hudson, Mass.

HUDSON, Mass., July 4--Hudson was visited today by the most serious fire in the history of the town. It originated about 3 P. M. in a small building near F. H. Chamberlin's shoe factory, and, fanned by a strong breeze, spread very rapidly in an easterly direction. The following buildings were burned:

Assabet factory, occupied by F. H. Chamberlin; S. Wood & Co.'s block; A. K. Grave's block; Lewis Block and tenement building; Atkinson's boarding house; Frank Brown's residence; one of F. Brigham & Co.'s factories; Manson's block; Peter's store; H. W. Chase's block and tenement building; Cockran's block; the Mansion House; Mongovin's stable; C. E. Holden's block; Hasting's block; Dr. Soule's house; Underwood's block; H. Tower's house; John Fosgate's house, occupied by C. M. Randall.

The following tenants of business blocks were burned out:

H. W. Chase, Dr. Carpenter, R. B. Lewis, Wood & Co., Dr. Cochrane, Mrs. S. A. Holt, Post Office, S. E. Worcester, A. M. Mossman, The Enterprise, newspaper; Young Men's Christian Association, C. F. Woodbury's Sons, A. K. Graves, G. W. Poor, C. W. Eddy, H. M. Clark, and Durfee's billiard hall.

The fire was finally stayed at the Hudson House and under control about 6 o'clock, after a determined fight. Dr. Jackson's block was considerably damaged. The high school building and Town Hall were opened for the reception of goods saved. Help was requested from surrounding towns, and engines came from Fitchburg, Clinton, Boston, Waltham, and Worcester, and a hose carriage from Maynard.

The Boston and Maine Station building and others were on fire and saved only by determined efforts. The loss is estimated roundly at half a million. Supposed cause, firecrackers.

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Jul 1894