Lanesboro, MA House Fire, Dec 1961

Saves Son and Dog As Fire Burns Home

LANESBORO, Mass.--A Lanesboro woman literally tossed her three-year-old son, Jeffrey, and family dog out the front door of their blazing house into a snowbank this morning probably saving them from serious burns.

Mrs. James Towart, whose husband is the son of Mrs. Mabel Towart of Bennington, Vt., said she was vacuuming rooms in her River Street home at 8:50 a.m. when the kitchen door blew down and she discovered the back porch on fire. Mrs. Towart picked up her son and dog, tossed them into the snowbank and returned to the house where she found the blaze spreading through the rooms in the rear into the front.

Lanesboro firemen were summoned and arrived on the scene in two minutes. The fire spread through the entire house before firemen were able to bring it under control. They were able to save some adjacent buildings.

Mrs. Towart's husband was at work at the General Electric Co. in Pittsfield at the time. Mrs. Towart said she could not explain the cause of the blaze. She said she was not aware of the fire until the kitchen door blew down.

Lanesboro firemen are continuing their investigation.

Bennington Banner, Bennington, VT 20 Dec 1961