Salem, MA Powder Explosion, Dec 1821

Salem, Dec. 15.

The concussion left in this town on Tuesday afternoon, which was at that time generally thought to have been the shock of an Earthquake, proved to be an explosion of about 5000 wt. of Powder at the Chelmsford Powder Manufactory.
It took place at the Packing House, while one man was at work along in the building. He was literally blown to pieces, his head arms and legs having been found scattered in various directions, and also his body in a dreadfully mangled condition. He was recently from Halifax, where it is said, he has left a wife and two children.
The Boston papers state, that there was no machinery in the building which could have produced fire by friction, and that it is difficult to account for the accident except on the groundof some indiscretion in the unhappy man who lost his life.

Torch Light And Public Advertiser Hagers Town Maryland 1821-12-23