Holyoke, MA Fingers Cut Off, Mar 1907


Two Accidents at Holyoke in Which These Valuable Members Were Lost.

Yesterday was a bad day for Holyoke fingers. Nine were lopped off, as reported last evening, with outlying districts to be heard from. Fred Joyall, a lad of 15, who has been employed at the Norman division of the American writing paper company, got both hands caught in the calendar so that all eight fingers were drawn in and so badly crushed by the rolls that three had to be amputated close to the hand, and the other five at the second joint, and the other five at the second joint. Joyall lives at 86 Center street, and his Father works in the Lyman mills. Dr. Wetherell treated the boy.

Fred Schuhbeck, of 138 West street, a loomfixer for the Beebe-Webber company, tried to fix a loom that was running. As a result Dr. Celce cut most of the one finger off, and spent a good part of an hour bandaging his torn and lacerated hand. Hereafter Schuhbeck will wait until the looms stop before making repairs.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 24 Mar 1907