Milford, MA Block Fire, Jan 1871

Fire and Loss of Life in Milford, Mass.

BOSTON, Jan. 23.---A fire in Milford, this morning, destroyed the Bay State and Alhambra blocks, including eleven stores and the upper portions of two dwellings; also FISHER'S stables and seven horses. A Mrs. NEWTON, who occupied one of the dwellings, was burned to death.

The stores were occupied by John O. Leary, dry goods; Morse & Wood, boots and shoes; J. White, periodicals; C. W. Wilcox, jewelry; H. A. Goodrich, grocer; J. B. Knight, provisions; A. Augell, drugs; S. W. Heath, drygoods; P. P. Goodspeed, jewelry; W. Sanders, boots and shoes; Joel Rice, drugs. The losses are not yet ascertained. The thermometer was below zero, and it was impossible to control the flames or save the porperty.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Jan 1871