Boston, MA Purchase Street Building fire, Apr 1912

Stubborn Fire on Purchase Street

Shortly before 9 o'clock last night Patrolman McCarthy of the City Hall avenue police station discovered a fire on the first floor of the five-story brick building with a galvanized iron front at 86 Purchase street.

Parts of the building are occupied by E. Stoddard & Son Company as masons builders and contractors, and a. E. Stoddard as a painter and decorator. The latter business caused considerable worry to the firemen, for they feared that the flames would communicate to the paint and oils stored in the basement. A short time after Engine 23 arrived at the fire, Hoseman Griffin was severely cut by falling glass. He was removed to the Relief Hospital in the police ambulance.

In the rear was an alley about 8 feet wide, and here the firemen had a stubborn fight on their hands, for dense columns of smoke floated into their faces. The damage was estimated at about $2000.

The Boston Journal, Boston, MA 3 Apr 1912