Indian Orchard, MA auto accident, Jul 1908



Pole Knocked From Bicycle and Injured by New York Machine.

An automobile accident occurred on East Main street at a point about opposite John Duteau's Livery-stable yesterday afternoon at 3.40, in which Joseph Rodah, a Pole living at 27 Weston street on Stony hill, was somewhat injured and the bicycle on which he was riding was completely demolished. Rodah was going toward the Orchard on his bicycle and an automobile came from behind, also going toward the Orchard. Just as the machine reached Rodah, he suddenly turned and the automobile struck him and ran over him. Dr. O. C. Gehneau, who lives near by, was immediately called and attended him. He found that Rodah had sustained an injury to the spine and some severe bruises on both sides of the head, but it is thought that he is not very seriously injured. He was taken to his home on Stony hill.

The bicycle was completely demolished, everything but the front wheel being a total wreck. The automobile's number is "N. Y. 30900," and it was driven by William Fountaine of Champlain, N. Y., who is visiting at the home of Joseph Fountaine of Ludlow. Some members of the Fountaine family were in the automobile at the time, and they were interviewed by the Orchard police later on to get their side of the story. According to people who saw the accident, however, the automobile was going at a slow rate of speed.

The Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 20 Jul 1908