Boston, MA Drowning, Jun 1908


BOSTON, June 30 - Draw Tender Edward J. Brougham at the Broadway extension bridge, had a struggle for life in the swift current of the upper harbor today when he attempted to rescue 6-year-old Thomas Leonard whose body was swept away by the stream.

Brougham was taken to the City Hospital unconscious, but he recovered enough to be removed to his home. The lads body has not been recovered. The Leonard boy went into the water waist-deep and knowing that he could not swim attempted to lay on his back in the water and float. The current, which swings out swiftly from under the bridge took the boy in its grasp and bore him out into the channel. Brougham heard the cries, dove from the bridge and swam to the side of the drowning boy. Frantic with fear, young Leonard grasped Brougham's head as the draw tender swam up to him. Both disappeared below the surface of the water. Breathless and choking, Brougham came to the surface alone. Luckily, two men who were working near the bridge saw Brougham's predicament and had put out toward him in a boat. They succeeded in drawing him from the water alive, but unconscious.

The Pawtucket Times, Pawtucket, RI 20 Jun 1908