Annapolis, MD Trolley Cars Collide, June 1908



Annapolis, Md., June 6. -- Eight dead and nearly a score badly injured is the result of a serious accident on the Annapolis branch of the Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis electric railway, which occurred last night at a point about two miles from this city. A special carrying no passengers from Annapolis for Washington, and a regular car from Baltimore, for this city, well filled, while traveling at about thirty-five miles an hour met head on at a curve which prevented the motormen seeing each other's car until too late to avoid the catastrophe. A confusion of orders is said to have been the cause of the wreck.

The Dead.
The dead are:
GEORGE W. GREEN, JR., Baltimore.
WILLIAM L. NORTON, Baltimore, an employe of Armour & Co.
A. H. SHULTZ, Baltimore, employed by the Crown Cork and Seal Company.
JAMES L. McDANIEL, forty-two years old, Baltimore.
GEORGE WHITE, Baltimore.
JAMES O'NEILL, of New York, motorman of one of the wrecked cars.
Policeman SHRINER, employed by the railway company.
RUTH SLAUGHTER, aged 13 years, daughter of W. E. SLAUGHTER, general traffic manager of the road.
An Unidentified Female, in ball costume, possibly a MISS PARISH, of Philadelphia.
SHULTZ, McDANIEL and NORTON met death while sitting by their wives, who did not know of their losses until after being taken to the hospital.

Daughter Killed At His Side.
Traffic Manager SLAUGHTER, one of the injured, was taken to the hospital in an unconscious condition. When his senses returned he was told that his little daughter had been killed at his side. MR. SLAUGHTER is seriously hurt. Many of the passengers on the special were coming to this city to attend the graduation ball at the naval academy.
A few of the passengers caught a glimpse of the other car as it approached and rushed for the rear of their coach. Perhaps that saved some lives. One of the cars was thrown from the track, as was the body of the other.
As quickly as possible the dead were taken from the wreckage and the injured were brought to the emergency hospital.
On April 12, a collision occurred about four miles from the scene of last nights accident and five persons were badly injured. The road has been in operation only since February 7.

Woman Not Identified.
The injured were reported to be doing nicely this morning. All were expected to recover. W. E. SLAUGHTER general manager of the electric line, may lose the sight of one eye. The identify of the young woman in ball costume, who was killed has not yet been established. The initials "M. C." were worked on some of the underclothing.
Both cars were completely wrecked. The one from Baltimore plowed almost entirely through the other before it rolled off into an embankment. Persons living near, together with the uninjured passengers and trainmen at once began the removal of the dead and injured. A relief car was promptly sent out from Annapolis with physicians and others on board who cared for the injured, the latter being removed to the Emergency hospital at Annapolis, after first aid had been rendered. Later the dead also were taken to Annapolis.

Fort Wayne Sentinel Indiana 1908-06-06

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