Cavetown, MD Gyroscope Accident Jul 1929

Wheel Bursts And Piece Pierces Heart Of Local Man's Brother.
Experimenting with an emery wheel, ELMER E. STONESIFER, 35, of Cavetown, Maryland, a brother of Walter H. Stonesifer, Gettysburg, was killed, Saturday evening, when the stone broke at high speed and a piece pierced his heart.
An autopsy was performed over the body by Dr. A. L. Keim which disclosed that a piece of the stone, about an inch and a half long, had pierced his heart and the aorta and lodged in his spinal column.
The man was found by Samuel Winters about 12 feet from the emery stone, to which he had attached a gyroscope top for an experiment. While revolving at a rapid rate, the wheel broke and a piece hit Stonesifer. He had attempted to walk from the front porch where he had been experimenting to the door of the house and collapsed just as he was about to enter.
Intimate friends and brothers of the man said he was a splendid mechanic and that he had performed numerous mechanical experiments. He was formerly employed at the Moller Motor Car company, Hagerstown.
He is survived by one sister, Mrs. C. M. Forney, of Baltimore; brothers, the Rev. Wade Stonesifer, of Brooklyn; Walter H., of Gettysburg, and Ernest, of Hanover. Two half-brothers and two half-sisters also survive.
Funeral Tuesday afternoon, services at 1 o'clock at the home of his father-in-law, Jacob Hoffman, by the Rev. J. Stewart Hartman. Interment in the Smithsburg cemetery.
The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, PA 22 Jul 1929