Cumberland, MD Train Wreck, Nov 1899


CUMBERLAND, Md., Nov. 23.----The second section of Baltimore and Ohio passenger train No. 9, west-bound, known as the oyster train, crashed into the first section in South Cumberland early this morning and was wrecked.

Engineer L. R. Kindle of Baltimore stuck to his post on the second section, checking its speed and preventing the telescoping of the passenger section. He was seriously injured and may die. His fireman, Lewis Massey of Baltimore, was terribly scalded, and died in the hospital here. No one else was dangerously hurt. The rear sleeper of the passenger section was burned.

The accident occurred shortly after 1 o'clock in the morning, and it is thought it was caused by the failure of the flagman on the passenger section to go far enough back when the train stopped at a switch. The passengers on the Pullman car Rival, which was on the rear end of the train, were badly shaken up and frightened. Among them were John Robinson of New York, Mrs. E. W. Uphouse of Rockwood, Penn., and the Rev. A. Hodgetts of Grand Island, Neb., all of whom were slightly cut by flying splinters and broken glass. Some of them also lost their effects, which could not be removed from the burning sleeper. They were all brought to this city, and after receiving medical attention were able to proceed on their journey. Conductor Green and Porter Seals of the passenger train, together with Mail Clerk Reagan, were also slightly injured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Nov 1899