Canton, MD Oil Tank Fire, Jul 1891

Big Oil Fire at Baltimore.

BALTIMORE, July 30. -- Fire was started in an oil tank of the Balto United Oil company at Canton, Tuesday afternoon, and assumed serious proportions yesterday. A second tank ignited from the fierce heat of its neighbor and was consumed, with its contents. Over 58,000 barrels of oil were destroyed. The oil was valued at $232,000. The tanks were valued at $10,000 each. The fire was started by lightning striking the tank. It raged fiercely all night, all day yesterday and last night, and burned itself out this afternoon.

The News Frederick Maryland 1891-07-30


Big Oil Fire.

BALTIMORE, July 30. -- The Baltimore United Oil company's tanks, located at Canton, were Tuesday night struck by lightning and for a time burned fiercely. The fire department believed they had controlled the flames and withdrew part of their force. Wednesday morning the flames again broke out and the fire rapidly spread, soon getting beyond control. Two large tanks, which cost $10,000 each, were destroyed. The total loss will exceed $400,000.

The Lima Daily Times Ohio 1891-07-30