Baltimore, MD Severe Storm Hits City, Aug 1838

Baltimore, August 18.

Our city was visited with a violent storm on Saturday. The weather had been more than ordinarily sultry through the day, the thermometer also showing that the actual hear was as great as any from which we had suffered through the season. At about 7 o'clock in the evening the wind suddenly sprung up from the westward, which in a few moments raged with the force of a hurricane. The rain poured in torrents for a short time and the lightning was singularly constant and vivid. The efffects were most disastrous.
The large new Warehouse on Donnell's Wharf belonging to the Messrs. Donnell was blown down and several persons killed and many wounded. About one hundred newly arrived German emigrants had taken shelter in the building nearly at the moment the disaster occurred. Three have been taken dead from the ruins most horribly mutilated and seven badly wounded.
Two Schooners, of which the Cambridge packet was one, were upset in the river at what is called the middle ground. A number of boats put off immediately from the shore to the assistance of the crews & passengers and were successful in saving all but one person.
Part of the Rail Road Bridge at Canton was blown down.
The large Saw Mill near the bridge was also torn to the ground.
MR. SHAW, keeper of the Light house at the Lazaretto was returning home from the city in a carryal, which was overturned by the wind and he very seriously injured.
Many other accidents occurred of which we have not the particulars. Many trees in the western part of the city were torn up by the roots or huge branches severed from their trunks. We have heard of no accident in the country.
The Republican.

Republican Compiler Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1838-08-21